All the Photographs were taken on Hasselblad medium format equipment using fine grain black & white film

The resulting negatives were scanned then digitally retouched and meticulously adjusted

It is only through this method that David Lothian attains the depth of detail and control over every part of the image

that he requires to produce the outstanding quality and astonishing detail of the final print

These uplifting Photographs transform any space into a place of inspiration & contemplation

And represent an enduring investment for the collector

The Prints are produced in three sizes*-

50cm X 50cm, 75cm X 75cm and 100cm X 100cm

as Archival Giclee Prints on Hahnemuhle Fine Art paper

(*For Prints that are not square, the smaller dimension will be 50, 75 or 100)


Each Image is in a Limited Edition of 50 and each Print is signed & numbered by the artist

Aithough it should be noted that editions of some of the more popular images are nearing their expiry